Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost and FOUND

Astute readers will remember an event earlier this year that really bunged me up and changed my perspective. While I have put that episode behind me, all winter I was reminded of it because I was still missing one of my prized Dynafit Manaslus...Until now.

Lots of snow and some cool lines up on Warspite

Didn't get my chance this season to ski this col, but it still looks good to go

A shot from December

Start zone. Steep rollover and no trees to anchor. Something to watch for: steep  open sections in the trees

one happy son of a bitch

Neat ridge around treeline elevation


Avalanches are powerful forces of nature, this wasn't from the one I was involved in, or else I would not be here typing this today.

Successful salvage mission

Bindings and edges sustained some rust. Hopefully a tune and a binding rebuild will take care of that
So yeah, not something I ever want to have to do again...

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