Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I've been up to

School has taken an iron grip (well actually an Incoloy 925 grip) on my life lately, but I have been trying to squeeze out some goodness.

Although I had to take a week off due to sickness and writing a lab report, I was feeling good in a revived Wednesday night cross session thanks to Mark at for getting that going again! I dominated the start sprints just like the old days. I've still got it! I decided to race provincials in Devon.

The winner of the holeshot got some stuff from Slime, so I used my Wednesday night start skills and took that prime! It was also nice being a half lap into the race and still sitting in 4th. The legs were stiff from not getting a great warmup and not riding hard the day before (and probably from a week of inactivity and being sick), so I eventually faded to 11th.

The school cycle continues, so I have been trying to get out when I can:

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