Monday, August 1, 2011

My new toy, secret training redefined

The face of secret training just changed.

I got a Garmin Edge 500 to replace my cracked PowerTap display, my shitty, old, unreliable POLAR heart rate monitor (if you want me to stop dissing your product, free product/money will shut me up!), and to give me altitude/GPS tracing capabilities in the winter for skiing.

Note: My PowerTap heart rate strap from my Powertap Pro+ (ANT+) works. Garmin customer service said it wouldn't. Pretty pathetic considereing that Dynastream (developers of ANT+ and spin off from UofA) is a sub of Garmin. So Garmin succeeded in selling me a heart rate strap and a speed/cadence sensor I do not care for....

I would like to keep my secret training secret, so I have elected to not share my workouts, except if I go on an awesome ride/ski.

I have had the best time making awesome maps and profiles, and it is a super easy way to log my training.
I was just riding along (JRA) and all of a sudden, my shoes turned into the women's model
It has been raining lots in Edmonton this summer. I wasn't too pumped for this double rainbow

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