Sunday, May 8, 2011

Even more spring lines

Freezing levels are starting to creep up, and the prevalence of crusts has increased. The snow under the surface is getting noticeably warmer. Probably a good cue to cut back on the skiing and start riding the bikes more! My skimo-racing buds keep mentioning Wapta, Columbia, speed traverse, but I need to learn how to do some crevasse rescue first!

After some nasty crust at the top, Bill found some good snow...before the hardpack at the bottom

Fun roadside line, not so fun conditions for most of it

and some from last weekend

and you can't even see the top part!

Spent Sunday at the Lake. It was snowing hard all day, and visibility was not great, 189 squads don't like skiing trees that much. Better snow in the afternoon after switching to my normal skis, and a pond skim at the bottom. Missed an opportunity to snag some pictures. Time to ride!

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