Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chester, Miner's: getting radical

Eager to get after it after a week of getting antsy as reports of big lines getting skied poured in. With warm temps and sunny skies, early starts were a must, so the clock was set to 0420 each morning. As much as it sucks waking up that early, I didn't mind once I got going. It was also nice to be done before noon, leaving plenty of time for other activities. Pole position every day on a long weekend has to be worth something: 3x2000= 6000 GNAR points

NW face of Mt. Chester on rental gear, that is how we roll. Any suggestions for axe/crampons (comment below?)?

Interesting dilemna: About 1hr on our way up the chute, we noticed a group of 2 starting to skin up the apron. We figured we would have to wait for them at the top so that we would not sluff them out. We were in no hurry so we didn't mind waiting, but I would imagine there are plenty of scenarios where this could be a problem: what if we were linking this up with some other lines and/or had to beat warming/sunset or had other time committments? comments?

Ultimately, it turned out to be a couple who run a local shop. Maybe we should ask for some discounts for our patience :)...

Miner's, super skied out, nice to tick it off

The highline trail access to Quarry Lake was super fun. Surprise pass on Sunday, for an "easier" day, but we didn't get to pose with some asian tourists. Some good apron skiing on all 3 days

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