Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Norway withdrawal

Yep, it was hard to leave 'Utopia' to come back to 'BERTA.

Yup, definitely back in 'BERTA

But when I got home, things weren't so bad. I missed my bike, and my skimo suit arrived!

English class was by far the harshest reality of coming back. Something soooooo sucky after such an awesome week!

The week actually flew by; I went for a couple of mountain bike rides, and for the weekend I was in Canmore!

Canmore was pretty fun; there is not much snow there so the mountain biking is still amazing. I went for a ride on Saturday with my out of shape friend MT (he wanted me to give him that shout out). I also got high off of Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive!

There's this cool new outdoor gym in Canmore! But I think you need to bring a really heavy backpack to get a good workout in!

Sunday, went for a ride by myself on the now classic Bill Knight Super Loop. Just take all the awesome trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre and put them into one ride!

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