Friday, September 24, 2010

OH YEAH! Marin Attack Trail 6.8

My new Marin Attack Trail 6.8. Thanks to Hardcore Bikes for hooking me up with a sweet deal.

66 deg HA + 6" Quad link suspension = a bike that can slay ANYTHING that I need it to.

With a light XC wheelset and the burly stock wheelset, I can go on a road trip with one bike and ride all the trails that I would want to ride.

My initial impressions:
-Floats over logs
-Slack head angle and short top tube make climbing a more challenging, but still very doable, thanks to quad link for providing maximum traction

Speaking of Marin and Quad Link, I am pretty stoked about their new 2011 Rift Zone. It just might be my bike for 2011:

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