Friday, January 8, 2010

Just finished up an amazing 3 week break over Xmas.

After exams finished on the December 15th, headed to Canmore with brother Bill, and good friend Steve T. The forecasts for Golden and Revelstoke were looking promising, so we headed there first. Then back to home base in Canmore to collect another friend [Malcolm (MT)], a day at Sunshine, then back to Revy for more faceshots, then back to Canmore for X-mas with the family, and some ski touring with Bill. Are you still following me? After Xmas, Steve and MT return from Edmonchuck to ski tour and slay hardpack snow in Banff, and we again head to Revy as they are getting more love from Ullr. Leave Revy on a rainy morning on January 3rd, and back in Canmore, we decide that we have not yet had enough skiing, and go ski touring on Monday before school starts on Tuesday. FKNA

-Powder...lots of powder. We hit up Kicking Horse and Revy and they definitely delivered. But so did Kananaskis Country, and our top secret Sunshine stashes to a lesser extent. Per person, this whole thing probably cost less than 1 day of Heli skiing, and yet the rewards were much greater!
-David Suzuki now hates me...and the 4wd Toyota Highlander with ski box that I was driving
-Losing sleep over the fact that we get a fraction of the snow on this side of the great divide as they do on the other. Must be karma considering most Albertans are jerks.
-Skiing $400/day terrain for free. Next time bringing climbing skins.
-Skiing some new areas in Kananaskis Country
-Escaping the crowded ski scene in Banff for places with better vibes (Revy, Golden)
-Meeting some Norwegians in the hot tub of the Alpine Inn (Revelstoke). They telemarked, they dipped, and we partied with them on NYE.
-Gaping at all of the ski touring that goes down on Rogers Pass. One day....
-Blasting Sean Paul, Mylie Cyrus, Swollen Members, Barcode Brothers, and Numa Numa.
-Bill requiring 9 stitches after hitting his chin with his knees while landing a drop

Steve at Kicking Horse



And some videos:

Revelstoke (with the POV's)

You can say that we all had a good break?

more pictures here

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